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AnimeExpo 2007

While 'neko-chan and I didn't get to take any pictures during the S.K.I.N. concert nor Ishikawa Chiaki's we did take as many pictures as we could...enjoy!

An Ouran Host Club welcome

Suikoden V: Lyon appears (a.k.a. Jenlan)

...and Queen Arshtat makes her entrance (a.k.a. 'neko-chan)

Hunny seems happy to be attached to Lenalee

Characters popped up around the dealer's room entryway

And there's the doorway to shopping heaven (the Dealer's Room)

Hi 'neko-chan!

Inside the Dealer's Room: Geneon's booth...

Woohoo! Hellsing Ultimate is on the scene!

'neko-chan plans to kick Alucard's her chair, damn it!

Shaoran & Sakura! Aren't they the cutest couple?

Hmmm, the Soul Society seems to be on the lookout...

...because the Arrancar showed up from Hueco Mundo (is that everyone?!)

Hey! Wolfram showed up...but where's Yuuri? Nova helping keep an eye on those baddies?

At the Copic booth 'neko-chan and I were lucky enough to get both autographs and a little sketch from the guest artists:
Mutsuki Ran
Suzukake Shuji

A cool OnePiece montage!

And Vincent has arrived just in time to say so long!

And that's all she wrote (or, at least, all I'm willing to share...)! Sorry there weren't more...I'll try to do better the next time around...