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In light of recent events, I think it's understandable that this webpage will be on hiatus until this unjust war against Irag is settled.
To visit the site as it will be for a while, please click here .
(But I hope you read my message first...)

I wish to express my views about our current situation.
(please scroll down for information about anti-war events/protests)

I feel that George W. has not done all that is in his ability to avoid this conflict. Not only that, but he is
blatantly going against world opinion (as well as no UN support...but really, when has that ever stopped the
U.S. from doing what it wants?) without regard to the consequences which will surely follow after the war.

Therefore, I give a resounding "NO!!" to this war. I cannot support an administration that is ready to let it's
people ignorantly fall into economic and political distress as well as devastating a nation to achieve their own
goals. However, I want to clarify some misconceptions that even those in my community hold to about
we, the Anti-war protestors. I am proud to have participated in a historical moment in time in joining
thousands of my fellow UC Berkeley peers in saying that we do not accept this war.

BUT we are NOT AGAINST our troops!
We SUPPORT our troops!
Support Our Troops!!
Which is why we want this war to end before many are killed and they return to us not only physically but
psychologically scarred. Not to mention, they are fighting for an administration that CUT funding to the veterans
of the Gulf War and many still REFUSE to accept that something like the Gulf War syndrome exists or potentially exists.

Lastly, I want to set the record straight that we DO NOT want Saddam Hussein to remain in power!
He is a dictator that has tortured an entire nation for far too long. My main issue of contention is HOW this war came about.
It was NOT, as Bush claims, our last resort. But he went about methodically cutting short any other options so that he could
have it his way. In short, like all hypocrits, he is doing what he claims Saddam to be doing: bullying his way into having
what he wants. And in the end, the U.S. will have to suffer the economic and political consequences of his ego and folly.

So, my fellow Cal students and I say to him: NOT IN OUR NAME!!

For information regarding ORGANIZED anti-war protests/events in the Bay Area
(and NOT those angry fanatics tearing up the SF streets, majority of whom ARE NOT EVEN San Franciscans!!)
and other events happening across the nation as well, please visit:
NOTE: I personally DO NOT believe in the ISO's ideals but, they are a good source for learning about events that might be going on.