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Updates stored up to five date entries (more or less)

I feel like crying...*sobs* Lovely DSL go bye-bye...cuz the stupid network isn't working right. The techies think we somehow fried the phoneline system or something. So until we can figure out what the hell went wrong...guess it's back to good old-fashioned dial-up service. Which means...more delays in updating. Not to mention trying to juggle school and work as usual. WAH!!! the INJUSTICE! O_o I think I've been talking with Wufei too long...never thought that'd come outta my, I mean...keyboard...OK, whatever. Jenlan's brain has been on the fritz. My last semester and *now* my brain decides it's all too much?!! No! Not acceptable. Must re-energize...*whacks self with frying pan for few moments* Ooooh the pretty stars....*promptly passes out*
Quatre: Wow!
Wufei: Stupid onna!
Trowa: ...
Heero: *nods in agreement with Trowa''comment'* Yes, she forgot to drink her 'juice' again...(inside joke! ne, Kathy? *wink wink*)
Duo: Well, then I guess I'll say 'Ja!' for her then...JA MINNA!!

You're all probably thinking: FINALLY!! Yes, I actually did something this time! However, it's progressive so expect things in stages. Right now I've just done an update with some layout changes. Currently, I've closed down a few sections: the daikazoku and the Kenshin Oro! Gallery in the kashou. Also, I'm actually going to do something about the darn frying pan page I've been wanted to make for ages. Secondly, the shoka will be updated once I can come up with a summary and some more images. The manga featured is going to be Mekakushi no Kuni. Not very well known but I really love it, so there! Anyhoo, you'll be able to learn more about that later. Other things: did archiving for the old layout and for the old manga recommendation. That's about it for this round...haven't even had time to try and do some more winamp skins *sigh* Well, hopefully more coming soon #^^#

Minna! Hope everyone had a good Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, etc. Anyhoo, I'm sure the question on everyone's mind is: when the hell is she gonna update?! Well, just to let you's gonna happen next month...I have most of the images and stuff, but I'm moving out of my apartment now and omigosh! I never realized how much stuff *cough-CRAP-cough* a person can accumulate! So it's just packing box after box after box and straining the back and the arms and the legs and...well, you get the picture. So, before you decide to throw any more of those rotten vegetables and fruits (I know you want to, don't deny it) be assured that some time in January--even if progressively--I will do an update. Enjoy your New Year's Day and hope your resolutions are fufilled in the year to come! ^_^ Ja!

GAH!! I just got through a paper assignment on Monday and TWO midterms today . . . and it's only just beginning!! Yeesh, the school-gods are so evil *weeps* Anyhoo, just wanna give a heads up to you all: my next planned update will be around Christmas time (if all goes well) when I'll not only have easier access to a scanner but I will have DSL!!! *huggles her daddy* DSL good. DSL very good. Me loves DSL. ^.^ *giggles insanely* (can you see that the stress has gotten to this poor webmistress?) OK, ja minna. Must now write up a research proposal and study for my next midterm. WAHH!! Does it ever END?!! XP

Just a brief announcement. This upcoming fall is going to be insane and crazy for me so I ask that everyone bear with me as I deal and hopefully I'll find time to get an update posted. But please don't be upset if there's nothing new; I can only juggle so many things at once. Sumimasen! <=(

Finally!! I've put up the better scans for the shoka and I've added 25, that's right, 25 new shitajiki scans! So go check them out! I also added a small forum update a week or so ago. Anyhoo, I've been having a busy time. Not only did I go to Anime Expo but there were some personal problems I've been dealing with. Don't you love when you're betrayed by a supposed friend? Anyhoo, AX was so cool!! Watsuki-sensei was there!! (the creator of Rurouni Kenshin) and sadly I didn't get his autograph but I did get to see him up close and personal! And I actually had a picture taken with Gohda Hiroaki! (the director of Ah! My Goddess) Plus I did get an autograph and sketch from Murata (the character designer for Hellsing --> a must see!!) Well, it was fun. But now I have to face the problem of my friend. Gah! The stress. Not to mention being upset and pissed off. *shrug* Oh well. Ta-ta to jerks like that. Here's to getting on with my life! Hope to update again soon! Ja minna!